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Basic Web Site - Further Information

The JDWD Basic site is all your Scout group needs to get a complete web site on the Internet. It is perfect for groups who want to "put their toe in the water" and see if a web site can improve the way that group members, family, friends, and other Scout groups can keep in touch.

The pricing has been set at an absolute minimum ($25 setup, $5 per month maintenance) to make sure that any Scout group can afford a professional web site created by JDWD. To keep the prices low, the pages of the Basic site are generally intended to be static, in other words, pages that won't require constant updating to remain current. An exception is the Event Calendar, which can be instantly updated by your group members via a secure on-line form, to keep up to date without waiting on someone else to update the website. An optional "Members Only" secure area can be set up, to contain web pages that should remain private to the group, such as photos, newsletters that contain Scout names, Telephone and/or Address Lists.

Suggested pages could include a splash page with a description of your group, perhaps with e-mail links to leaders. Another page could list the regular dates and times the group meets, with directions and maps. A page could be devoted to bylaws and/or a mission statement. Still another page could have scanned photos of the group at various activities (you can supply digital photos, or JDWD will scan your print photos for free and return the originals to you).

A Basic site might not be enough for your group if it wants special features like:

These features are included in the Full-Featured Site.