Trinity Trails District, BSA

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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How do I Login?

Q: How do I obtain an account on the Trinity Trails Website?

A: Use the Contact Us menu to send an email to the Webmaster, along with your brief Scouting connection to the Trinity Trails District and/or the Longhorn Council. For example, you may be a Unit Leader of a local Cub Pack, Venture Crew, or Scout Troop. Provide full name, email, and a phone number so that we may contact you if we have questions.

Q: Do I need a login account?

A: It depends. You would need a login account primarily if you are planning to write articles for your committee, Scouting Unit, or on behalf of a community event. Although articles on can be marked for reading only by persons who are logged in, we discourage that practice. Nearly all of the content on the website is meant for public viewing, including non-Scouts who may be visiting the website to learn more about Scouting. If you have an occasional event or a one-time activity, simply contact any of the Scouters from the Contact Us list on the right side of the website and we can post an article on your behalf (we can even display your name as the author).
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NESA Eagle Project Award Applications due Jan 21

Council Eagle Scout Service Project of the Year Award

On or before January 21 of each year, an Eagle Scout, his parents, or any registered BSA volunteer (with the Eagle Scout's permission) may submit his Eagle Scout leadership service project for consideration. The Scout must have passed his Eagle board of review in the prior calendar year (January 1 to December 31). Each council NESA committee will choose one winner from among the council nominees. The winner will receive a certificate and a bronze device for the Eagle Scout embroidered knot from the National Eagle Scout Association. In addition, it is recommended that each winner's name be added to a perpetual plaque located in the council service center or other prominent local council facility, and provided by the council. All council winners will be considered for the Regional Eagle Scout Project of the Year Award.

Download the application and brochure for this prestigious award here.

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Website and OlanNet

Your District Committee has implemented a new system to keep all Scouting Units and their families informed about what is happening in the great Trinity Trails District. In honor of Olan Watkins, whose original OlanNet has kept us informed for the last decade or so, we have named the new system OlanNet 2.0.

Articles and documents are now written to the Trinity Trails website. Unit leaders for each Scouting Unit (Troop, Pack, Crew) will be granted website permission to submit articles. District Committee members and Commissioners can write articles, such as for Camping or Advancement.

Twice weekly (currently Mondays and Thursdays), the website will automatically send an email message to the OlanNet 2.0 email group, listing the titles and authors of articles that were posted in the previous 7 days. These emails also provide direct (clickable) links to the full articles on the website. Sending links instead of the actual stories keeps the email messages small and allows people to find the full article on the website, rather than looking back through old emails to find important information.

This new system also prevents the "accidental reply to all" feature that existed in the Yahoo! Group. To join the OlanNet 2.0 group, send an email request to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  with a very brief note explaining who you are (e.g., I am the parent of a Scout in Pack 93).

A PowerPoint presentation (saved as .pdf) regarding the philosophy of the website and OlanNet 2.0 may be found at this link.

Douglas Abernathy
Trinity Trails District Webmaster

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 August 2015 09:02

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Trinity Trails Contacts

David Rico,
Field Director – Western Service Area

Steve Baker,
District Chair (Acting)
Jason Kelly,
District Commissioner
Fritz Quast,
Kevin McClean,
James Horton,
Cub Roundtable Commissioner
David Brynell,
Scout Roundtable Commissioner
Cory Tallman,
Steve Beyt,
Joel Lewallen,
Camp Cards
Blake Leva,
Kevin McCormick,
Nominating Committee Chair
James Tinker,
Venturing Round Table Chair
Webelos to Scout Transition Coordinator
Sayi Prasad Gottumukkala,
Social Media Coordinator
Carll Martinez,
Family Friends of Scouting
Mike Cormier,
Brent Clark,
OA Advisor
Gaby Pilonieta,
District Awards
Bill Peterson,
Merit Badges
Douglas Abernathy,