Trinity Trails District, BSA

Fort Worth, Texas, USA

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# Name Position Phone Mobile Phone Number Fax
1 Jason Kelly Troop 50
2 Steve Baker Member at Large
3 Fritz Quast District Vice-Chair, Program
4 David Brynell Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner
5 James Tinker Advancement
6 Douglas Abernathy Webmaster
7 Sayi Gottumkkala District Commissioner
8 Gabriela Pilonieta District Awards Chair
9 Mike Cormier Camporee and Webeloree
10 Cory Tallman Activities and Civic Service
11 James Horton Cub Roundtable Commissioner
12 David Rico Field Director Western Service Area
13 Steve Beyt Advancement Chair
14 Bill Peterson Merit Badges
15 Blake Leva Popcorn Kernel
16 Gordon Ivey Webelos to Scout Transition Coordinator
17 Kevin McCormick Nominating Committee Chair
18 Brent Clark OA Advisor
19 Carll Martinez Family Friends of Scouting