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The following is information that is needed to become a Merit Badge Counselor in the Trinity Trails District of the Longhorn Council. Missing information will delay the Application Process.

  1. Adult Leader Application
    • With SS #
    • With Position Code = 42
    • Scouting Position Description = Merit Badge Counselor
    • With signed Disclosure/Authorization Form
      If the applicant is already a currently registered BSA leader, then only the applicant signature is required on the signature area of the form. If the applicant is not a registered leader, then some of the normal signatures are still needed. For MBC (Position Code = 42), you do not need the Chartered Organization nor Committee Chair signatures.
  2. YPT Card (must be current)
  3. BSA ID number (if you have more than one, include all of them)
  4. Email Address the email address you desire to be used for Merit Badge communications.
  5. BSA Merit Badge Counselor Information Sheet. If more than 7 Merit Badges are desired, attach additional sheets.
  6. Some Merit Badges require the Counselor have special training and certifications. A copy of the applicable certification certificate MUST be included in the application package for these Merit Badges to be assigned. Currently, these include: Rifle Shooting, Shotgun Shooting, Archery, SCUBA Diving, and Climbing.

Important: New Merit Badge Counselor applications undergo a minimum of two weeks for evaluation and background check at the Longhorn Council. If you do not see your name in the Merit Badge Counselor database after 30 days, your application probably has incomplete data. Please use the Contact Us form in the District Merit Badge area to inquire.

This information can be handed off to the District Advancement Committee or mailed to:
William Peterson
1901 Patton Court
Fort Worth, TX 76110